Examples of subjects for workshops and consulting support.

- 1-5 days: drawing, painting and cutting out animals together with the
children using 'The Zoo' as the theme. Maybe ending up with a poster exibition
of the children's work and a short animated film using their drawings. Great,
too, in combination with a visit to a real zoo, if there is one in the vicinity!

- 1-5 days: drawing, painting, cutting out cute and dangerous dragons and
monsters, as well as princesses and pirates. Maybe ending up with an
exibition of the children's work and watching an animated fairy tale film.

- 1-5 days: making your own poster for a fancy dress party:
Easter, birthday, Christmas, Halloween ... the imagination is the limit!

- 5 days: putting together your own unique children's book to a text chosen
from, for example, H.C. Andersen. It can be on any subject, from local or
foreign language, mathematics, religion ...

- 5 days: making a wall-painting together on the school premises over a
specific subject, such as "Taking care of the enviroment", "Strangers are
also welcome here", "The World of Nature", "Noah's Ark".

- 5 days: creating your very own original comic based on a specific text or
subject. A fun way is to use cut-out text together with your own coloured or
black and white pictures. The theme can be anything that fits the curriculum:
Danish, history, religion ... The workshop can be concluded with a big comic
exhibition for the other classes.

- 5 days: making animated films in groups using the cut-out technique.
Say you choose the story of 'David and Goliath'. The process is then: model
sheet, storyboarding, characters and backgrounds, photograph the drawings,
add sounds, voices and perhaps music.

Required: it is essential that the school has its own equipment (video-camera
+ editing gear + videotapes/DVD) and a technically capable adult to operate it.

Have you something in mind?
It's only your fantasy that makes the limits, so if you have a certain wish
in mind, then we take that as the starting point for planning the workshop.


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