Examples of subjects for workshops and consulting support

- 1-5 days: the participants in the workshop illustrate, paint and cut out
animals using the theme of Africa. A possible conclusion is mounting a poster

- 1-5 days: making your own alternative poster for a film festival, a fancy
dressparty, a royal birthday celebration, a Christmas exhibition in a fashion
boutique, a Halloween party, a meeting concerning urban renewal, Århus Party
Week ...

- 5 days: creating your own book based on a specific text. Perhaps a favourite
children's book or an illustrated book for adults. It can be based on an existing
text or a text from a new author who is looking for an illustrator with the aim
of getting it published.

The challenge of the project is cutting out text and merging that with your own
pictures, drawn or cut out as a collage and with a front and back page to the
book. At the end you can consider presenting the book before an audience!

- 5 days: improvising a wall-painting for a company, portraying their products
or services. Or perhaps a theme like "Saving energy", "How to integrate
refugees in Denmark", "The flora and fauna of our area", "Terrorism in the 21st

- 5 days: make your own comic strip based on a text of your choice or a
specific theme. A tool is to copy a known artist's style, like Van Gogh, Möbius,
Frank Miller or Miro.

- 5-20 days: make a complete animated film, using cut-out animation, clay,
pixilation, or traditional 2D animation. The project is divided over smaller
groups, and can cover any kind of subject such as:
- A fairy tale by H.C. Andersen
- A text by Louis Jensen
- Using a paradox: a man is going to visit his girlfriend on the 3rd floor, is
going up with the lift, but suffers from claustrophobia and fear of heights
- Basic animation exercises: a crazy and playful learning experience!

Have you something in mind?
It's only your fantasy that makes the limits, so if you have a certain wish in
mind, then we take that as the starting point for planning the workshop.


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