I inspire, draw and tell-and-show films
in the subjects

- animation
- drawing
- illustration
- visual telling (storyboard and comics)A workshop takes place from a few
hours to several weeks.Target group

It can be for young adults from colleges and day art schools to design schools
and evening classes.

How a workshop works
First I introduce myself briefly. Then I ask the participants what they know
about the subject of the workshop and what their expectations of the workshop
are. Then, from what they say, I introduce the contents of the workshop, so
that everybody is clear about what they can expect in the workshop process.
See suggestions for different workshops under the menu: examples.

Then I go on to tell a little about myself as an illustrator, and about my
background as animation director. I discuss the qualifications which are
needed as well as what the work involves.

The school itself provides the materials. I come as coordinator, with my
artistic skills and my experience in bringing stories to life so as to inspire the
the participants on the specific subject.Note: in an animated film workshop it
is important that the school itself has the right equipment (video-camera +
editing gear + videotapes/DVD) and a technically-oriented adult who can use it.

Additional expenses
The school covers the costs of my transport as well as accommodation if that
- because of time or distance - is required.


- Workshop
- Examples
- Workshop
- Examples