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A butcher's daughter has nightmares about pigs with sharp teeth.
What is dream and what is reality?

Length: 3½ minutes

The film is not for children under 12 years!

Behind the film:
It's an experimental horror animated film, featuring my debut as an animator.

In 1999 I applied to enter 'The Animation Line' at the Design School, GCADT
(Glamorgan Centre of Art and Design Technology) in Wales. The school
recomended that I start in the third and last year of the course. Just one year
later I had a BA in Animation and a graduation animated film that I had
animated more or less completely by myself.

In Wales I had the opportunity to experiment with making another genre of
animated film than my first humorous film. This time a horror genre with a
more simple design and animation style.

The goal of my experiment was to see if 'sweet' animation characters could
appear in a horror genre and still appear scary.The plot and technique:
I animated on paper using the same technique as in my first film, 'Last Night',
with watercolour backgrounds. But this time the drawings were scanned into
a computer and coloured digitally and composed (put together with the

Director, story and design:
Jarl Egeberg

Music composer:
Martin Frabrizius

Sound editor:
Christian Lørup

Jarl Egeberg with a little help from Claus Thomsen in the concluding phase

Michelle Ives, Chris Webster and myself.

Thanks to colleagues from 'The Animation Line' at GCADT for support and help
with voices, sound recording and more.

And special appreciation to Andrew Hunt, who coloured most of the film digitally
and coordinated the editing.


Traditional 2D animation:
- Last Night (Sidste Nat)
- The Butcher's Daughter
- Saxo Grammaticus animation
- X-Flies
- Saxo Grammaticus animation
  and The Butcher's Daughter