Saxo Grammaticus animation

Film company: No Parking
Director: Morten Ranmar
Storyboard: Jarl Egeberg
Animation: Jarl Egeberg

'Saxo Grammaticus animation' is an animated pilot- film for children based on
the famous chronicle of Saxo the Learned. The
story takes place in 1203AD,
where the main character, the 11
year-old Rune, is sent to a monastery against
his will. Rune
would much rather be a knight. But then Rune meets Saxo, and
learns that the pen is mightier than the sword …

Target group: all ages

Length: about 5 minutes

Behind the scenes
The animation style uses a mix of digital photos (of the characters) and real
footage (of the background scenes). This is
a new method that is cost-effective
and can be adapted to both
television and cinema formats.

Characters were filmed on blue screen. Each frame was digitally painted in
Adope Photoshop, and all character elements animated
separately from the
backgrounds before final composition.


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