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Klein, Sebastian: Me, a Shark, and
Uncle Kaj / text by Sebastian Klein;
illustrated by Jarl Egeberg. DR.
- (44) pages.

Usage/target group/level
This book is ideally suited for the whole
family. The large format of the book
ensures that it stands out among the
other children’s books, and the colourful
front page with the funny drawings
appeals to inquisitive little fingers. The
book will surely draw attention of its
own accord.

When Sebastian Klein and Jarl Egeberg
get together, in text and illustrations,
the crazy and crooked rhymes are a
certain source of much laughter and
enjoyment. The theme of the book is
animals from all over the world.
Literally. We encounter both flying fish,
a hedgehog and a mountain lion. And
just like the author’s children’s shows
on TV, this book is funny, off the wall
and instructive. The book includes a CD
with both the song Sikke noget vrøvl
(This Makes No Sense) and Sebastian

Klein’s interpretation of some of the
rhymes in the book. Sebastian Klein is
known from several children’s books
like Naturpatruljen (Nature Patrol) and
Med Sebastian verden rundt (Around
the World with Sebastian). Jarl
Egeberg’s characteristic drawings are
known from Ramsland’s Pedes Uhyrer
(Pede’s Monsters).

The fantastic drawings and text are to
some extent comparable with Strid’s
nursery rhymes: Min mormors gebis
(My Grandma’s False Teeth) and
Mustafa’s kiosk (Mustafa’s Shop).

In conclusion
A funny and entertaining publication
which deserves a place in all libraries -
it will be popular.

Rikke Skuldbøl Jacobsen

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